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Jorge Santana
14th & Church Street, San Francisco 1-A Jury Street, San Francisco
My story follows...
16th & Valencia, San Francisco

Me & My Transistor Radio
By: Jorge Santana
When: late 1960's
Where: La Cumbre Taqueria, 16th & Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

Listening to "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine" by Country Joe & The Fish, to "59th Street Bridge Song" by Harpers Bizarre and everything in between from the English rock invasion, Beatles, Stones, Motown to Golden Oldies.

I was listening to all this music on KFRC, the only station my small transistor radio could receive, even with a coat hanger for an antenna with tin foil held at the end with a rubber band.

Every Monday through Friday I was attending Mission High School. Every morning before school started, I'd be waiting for Leo my boss at 4:45 AM to open the doors to where I worked. The man was always late, but that was cool because the tunes kept on playing on my transistor radio.

The photograph was recently taken from the doorway where I use to stand every morning waiting for Leo. The photograph was taken by a young person I didn't know, a kid I stopped on the street corner and asked him if he would take a photo for five bucks. I quickly placed my new Sony digital camera in his hands so he wouldn't have time to say no. He looked at my camera and said "Sweet." I was expecting "Groovy," but he said "Sweet" — twice. That's the difference between the sixty's and now.

I share this with you because we remember the changes that every season brings. All the memories from years past my memories from the doorway where this photo was taken. The doorway where I used to stand.

Why do I share this time in my life with you? Because of the clock at the top of the building. The time hasn't changed, it was broken then and it's still broken today. It reads 5 minutes after 12:00. AM or PM depending if it was day or night when you where looking at the clock, for me it was always AM and I knew I was paying some dues.

In the photo, I'm the person leaning against the streetlight, I'm one of three people in the photo using the cell phone.