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Jorge Santana

For concert booking, corporate or private events and other personal appearances, please email, call or fax one or more of the following management team members. These contact numbers and email addresses are for professional inquiries only.

Agent: John Regna

By email, please contact Mr. Regna as follows:
For direct business matters -
For general inquiries - DANIELLE CARTER:
For business affairs - JOYCE MAKINAJAN:

By telephone, fax or for texting, please use the following numbers:
Office phone: (407) 993-4000
Office fax: (407) 993-4444
Texting to: (201) 394-5944 - texts are promptly replied to

By mail or for delivery by courier, please send to:
8815 Conroy Windermere Road
Suite 407
Orlando, Florida 32835