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Gracias Madrecita

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Track Listing

  1. Gracias Madrecita
  2. Poco A Poco
  3. Corazón
  4. My Cherie Amour
  5. Georgie Porgy
  6. Europa
  7. Love The Way
    Single version bonus track-previously released

Album Notes

Musicians: Acoustic and Electric guitars-Jorge Santana, Piano-Rebeca Mauleon, Percussion-Carlos Caro, Bass-Jorge Pomar, Strings-Frank Martin, Drums-David Flores, Organ-Keyboards-accordion-Bass-strings- Victor Bejarano, Percussion-Silvestre Martinez, Flugelhorn-Morty Okin, Trombone-Mike Rinta, Trumpet-Mike Olmos and vocalists Aki Starr.

This studio recording is a seven-track release that includes for the first time a re-mastered single version of "Love The Way."

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