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Jorge Santana

Jorge Santana — $15


Album Notes:
Features: "Love the way" and "Sandy." Jorge's first solo recording contains a smooth Latin Rock feel with a strong dance beat.

Track Listing:

1. Sandy
2. Tonight You're Mine
3. Darling I Love You
4. We Were There
5. Love You, Love You
6. Love The Way
7. Oh! Tengo Suerte
8. Nobody's Perfect

Bonus Tracks: Darline I Love You (Dance Mix); Sandy (Dance Mix)

Produced by: Tony Bongiovi and Bob Clearmountain. The Misha Music Co. 2000.

MEGA 97.9 & infinity Broadcasting: Thanks Jorge Santana for having the #1 most requested song on our station play list for the past 2 years. "LOVE THE WAY" from the Jorge Santana CD even now is the three most requested on our station by our listeners.

T0 MEGA 97.1 and all your listeners. This entire recording is very special to me. I'm proud of your support and grateful to all my fans and listeners.
Peace, Jorge.